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Black Rain Ordnance has made a promise to make your firearm exactly that, YOUR firearm.

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"I am a long-time customer of Black Rain. I recently had the unique opportunity to tour their facility in Neosho after purchasing a golden ticket for Black Friday. First if you didn’t purchase a ticket this year IT IS WELL WORTH THE MONEY! I got in early, had some amazing food and coffee and was able to get all my shopping done before the doors opened. As far as my tour it was led by the owner Justin who you can tell has a serious passion for his company the people and the products they make. I was blowen away at the amount of CNC machines they have along with the capabilities those machines have. Their Cerakote department was also amazing! All the different colors, robots, the hands-on work they do to make every rifle badass. Then we went out to their training facility which I didn’t know they had. There is an indoor shooting simulator where you can do training, they have a range for live fire drills, they have all sorts of training for civilian and law enforcement. I live about 3 hours away from Black Rain so it’s a fun trip for me to make on a weekend. Now that I know about the trainings they offer I feel I’m going to be there even more."
"I called in to the sales team and I could not believe how easy it was to order my rifle. I didn’t know that it could not be shipped to my house. They found a dealer in my area and shipped it there. It was so simple. Thanks guys!"
“I was traveling through Missouri on I-49 as I had many times before. I always wanted to stop at Black Rain Ordnance and see where my BRO was made.  On this day I had some time to kill so I stopped to check out their storefront.  The storefront was amazing with all the different colors, builds and one-off AR’s.  I told them about my BRO pistol and how I loved shooting it.  They had an American Flag painted rifle in 5.56 NATO.  I was telling them I loved to have one of those rifles in 300 Blackout, they told me it could be changed if I wanted.  I told them I would love that, but I knew it would take weeks to get the rifle. They say it could be changed while we were doing the paperwork.  I was very doubtful, but they carried the rifle to the back, and we started the paperwork. Before my ATF paperwork was able to be approved, the rifle had the caliber changed and test fired.  I would have never believed you could have gone to Black Rain, found an AR you wanted and had stuff changed while you wait.  What an amazing company.”
“I attended the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA last year, while walking around I stopped at the Black Rain booth and looking at all the variety of AR’s.  I started talking to one of the salesmen in the booth.  I thought this was just another salesman from a local dealer, but I was surprised to find out he worked at Black Rain’s facility and all the other salesman worked with him.  They had traveled over 20 hours from their facility in Missouri to come to this show in Pennsylvania.  I had no intentions of buying a rifle that day, but after talking with them I could not resist getting one."
“I am new to the world of AR’s and was in my local Bass Pro Shops when I noticed a Tiffany Blue Black Rain Ordnance with an optic.  I thought this would be a good starter AR and it's my favorite color, so I bought it.  I read the owner’s manual, but I still had some questions about taking the bolt carrier group apart.  I contacted Black Rain Ordnance via the website expecting it was taken several days to weeks to get a response, but within an hour of me sending the email I received a call from the Customer Service Department.  They were very patient with me and my question.  They were able to explain how to take the bolt carrier group apart and clean it.  At no point did they make me feel as if it was a bother to them to take so much time with me.  This was the most enjoyable interaction with a company's Customer Service Department I have ever had.  Thank you to the Customer Service Department of Black Rain Ordnance.”
"I have several modern sporting rifles and have read lots of good reviews about Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15.  I have been in the market for a billet rifle and decided to order the Cold War Grey Scout directly from Black Rain Ordnance. It was delivered way faster than I ever expected.  The fit and finish exceeded my expectation, the billet upper and lower receiver was very tight with very little play between these parts.  I took the rifle to the range I was able to shoot holes on holes right out of the box. The drop-in-trigger had no trigger creep and the 3.5 lb trigger pull was amazing allowing faster follow up shots."
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