Black Rain Ordnance expands product offerings with Hunting Series.


Black Rain Ordnance gets into the hunting market by releasing a line of AR15 rifles specifically configured for hunters.

“Every year around deer season we get people sending us photos of their hunting trophies proudly displayed alongside their Black Rain rifles.” Said Black Rain President Justin Harvel. “Throughout the year we also get photos of hogs, coyotes, prairie dogs. After a while we decided that we ought to cater to these customers by configuring a series of rifles aimed at the hunter. Something solid but lighter weight for those who want to find that perfect balance between a rifle heavy enough to put rounds accurately on target, and one that won’t be a burden to carry into the wild”  

The result is the Black Rain hunting series, a line of rifles with features hunters can appreciate. Threaded 18” and 20” barrels and a 24” crowned barrel option ensures accuracy a long distances, and the MAGPUL PRS stock and heavy buffer give the rifle a solid feel while reducing felt recoil. Justin Harvel continued, “This thing is tuned up for hunting right out of the box, all you have to do is add an optic appropriate for your ranges, maybe a bipod if you need one, get zeroed, and you’re ready to take down your trophy.”  

The Hunting series is available in the .223/5.56 wylde chamber or .308 caliber for larger game. Colors include black, flat dark earth, and OD Green.

Aaron “Chili” Childress of The Sportsman Channel’s Chili Off The Grid had this to say after field testing the Hunting series, “Steady and solid. It’s like shaking your Grandpa’s hand after he beats you in a game of HORSE. You just stand there and admire it. You’re not even mad, you’re impressed.”

The Black Rain Ordnance hunting series is now available nationwide through sporting firearms retailers and

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