BRO TIP: How to clean and maintain your Black Rain Ordnance Silencer.

Cleaning your Black Rain Ordnance Silencer will add years to it’s life and keep it running optimally. Here are some instructions on how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the Black Rain Ordnance ARIS and M30-A Silencers.




BRO Silencer Cleaning Instructions

ARIS & M30-A


  1. Remove silencer from weapon. Use provided tool to remove rear cap from silencer. Do this by inserting the rods into the holes on the back rear cap and twisting.
  2. Remove the belleville springs and the baffles from the silencer tube taking care to note the order of the baffles (The longest baffle is the blast baffle and has no number marked on it, the 2nd and 3rd baffle in the ARIS silencer is marked with a 2 and 3 accordingly and the M30-A silencer has a 4th baffle marked with the number.
  3. Place all parts into a sonic cleaner for approximately 15 minutes, OR apply a solvent such as BRO PREMIUM CLEANER & SOLVENT to all parts and allow to soak into the carbon. (Heavier carbon build up will result in the need for additional time in the sonic cleaner or repeated treatment with solvents. To avoid this perform regular maintenance on your silencer by cleaning it after each use)
  4. Wipe down all components with a clean rag. Heavier, stuck on carbon may be removed with a wire brush or a razor blade.
  5. Re-Assemble your silencer. From the rear of the silencer place the highest number baffle into the silencer first (Number 4 on the M30-A, Number 3 on the ARIS) with the flat side toward the front end cap. repeat with the next baffle(s), The Longer blast baffle will be the last one inserted.
  6. Twist the blast baffle inside the tube to allow the clocked edges to align and lock the baffles into place. The baffles should turn as a single unit if done properly.
  7. Insert the Belleville Springs. The springs should be installed with the concave side of the first spring facing the blast baffle and the concave side of the 2nd spring facing the rear cap.  [ )( ].
  8. Re-install the rear endcap by threading it onto the tube. Your silencer is now ready to be stored or re-attached to your rifle. 

Black Rain Ordnance recommends cleaning your silencer every time you do your regular rifle maintenance and cleaning. Ideally this would be after each use. Frequent cleaning and maintenance of your Black Rain Ordnance rifles and silencers makes each cleaning easier and prevents the build up of carbon on the components. 

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance please contact our customer service line at 888.836.2620 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM CST. 


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