March 31, 2016 – Iowa made a giant leap forward for citizen’s rights and firearm safety today as Governor Terry Branstad signed House File 2279 into law, officially making the possession and use of firearm silencers legal in the state of Iowa. 

The law is “effective upon enactment”, meaning that Iowans have the legal right to own and operate silencers as of the moment the bill was signed. 

This important step in preserving and expanding firearm rights in the Hawkeye State was heavily backed by the American Suppressor Association, The Iowa Firearms Coalition, and The National Rifle Association. 

While this is important and welcome legislation for the citizens of Iowa the rules and regulations of the National Firearms Act (NFA) must still be adhered to in order for citizens to purchase silencers. 

For those confused about or who have questions about the process of silencer ownership, Black Rain Ordnance has produced this video as an overview for how to legally purchase a silencer.

Black Rain Ordnance would like to officially welcome Iowans into the brotherhood of silencer legal states and urge those who do not enjoy such freedoms to continue advocating for your 2nd Amendment rights in your home states. 




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