Black Rain Ordnance NRA 2016 Preview!

The NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits is just around the corner. This year the NRA’s largest event will be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville Kentucky May 20th-22nd 2016.

As for the past 6 years Black Rain Ordnance will be in attendance showing off their line of high-end AR15 and AR10 rifles and accessories; giving consumers the opportunity to handle new products. 

“Trade shows including the NRA Show are a lot of work and you’re really tired by the end of every day.” said Black Rain general manager Jared Moser, “But, it’s really great to have people come into the booth and feel the new products in their hands. The look they get when they feel the quality of the rifles or pull our trigger for the first time is awesome, a lot of them look like kids at Christmas.”

Black Rain Ordnance has spent the year since the 2015 NRA Show in Nashville re-branding and categorizing their line of AR15 and AR10 rifles to appeal to different sectors of the market and added new products as they continue to innovate and adapt to the ever changing firearms market.

“Our big new thing this year is going to be the Spec15 Series. A forged companion to our line of billet rifles that allows the customer to expand or start their rifle collection at a much lower price without sacrificing the quality that we’re known for. Plus being backed by our warranty the owner can rest assured that if there’s ever a problem, we’re going to fix it.” said Black Rain sales manager Chris Endicott. 

Black Rain Ordnance Spec15 Series

Along with the Spec15 Series Black Rain will also be showing off their new look. With the re-branding comes a whole new feel to the Black Rain Ordnance line. The rifles are split in to easy to navigate categories (Recon, Spec, Competition, and Hunting) allowing the customer to find their ideal rifle based on their activity. The booth, logos, and imagery are all brand new and show a lot of progress for a company that has been in the gun industry for a relatively short amount of time but has managed to create a lot of buzz and impact in those few short years. 

Black Rain Ordnance can be found at booth # 2137 right next to the NRA Store.

You can register to attend the NRA Annual Meeting by visiting

For a preview of what to expect at the upcoming NRA Show check out this short video series from the 2016 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas earlier this year. 


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