Black Rain Ordnance Introduces the BRO-LOCK Chamber Lock System.

Keeping your firearms safe and secure should be the number one priority of any gun owner. It is especially important if you have kids in your home.  Children, are curious. Why wouldn’t they be? Everything is new to them! And sometimes even when a child has been taught the importance of leaving an adults firearms alone if they find it, curiosity can get the best of them. 

The results of this sometimes are devastating. According to a Washington Post article from Dec. 31, 2015, at least 256 children under the age of 18 accidentally shot themselves or someone else last year alone. 83 of those resulted in the death of either the child who found themselves in possession of an unsecured weapon or someone nearby. 

The best possible way for one to keep their firearms safe is by storing your firearms safely in a gun safe. But the initial investment in such an item may be out of reach for some. Considering this Black Rain Ordnance is proud to introduce the BRO-LOCK. 




The BRO-LOCK is a chamber locking mechanism for any AR15 rifle (Black Rain has plans to release an AR10 Version later this year) that  along with proper, out of reach storage, is a great alternative for those who may not have a gun safe. 

Simply lock back the bolt on your weapon and insert the keyed BRO-LOCK into the ejection port of your firearm to render the weapon unusable AND visibly safe. Once the lock is engaged, the rifle cannot be charged or fired and prevents weapon disassembly.

The high visibility red anodized finish lets you know that there is a lock in the weapon, letting the owner rest easy knowing the weapon is secured from possible discharge should the weapon accidentally fall into little hands.

The Black Rain Ordnance BRO-LOCK is available online for $34.95 by clicking either of the images above.

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