Memorial Day is for Memories.

Memorial day happening this Monday, May 30th, I thought I would take a moment to talk about memories. Specifically how we remember our fallen warriors. As a civilian I have a limited frame of reference, but I want to understand more. Over the course of my employment at Black Rain Ordnance I have been able to spend time with a number of our countries current and former military.

Many if not all of these men and women have lost close friends in the course of their duties. The things done to memorialize their fallen comrades range from tattoos and bracelets to highway dedications and memorial funds. But as a civilian who holds the military in high regard I want to know more about the men and women who fought to preserve the freedoms I enjoy. 

To this end I would encourage you to talk about your friends, about your brothers and sisters, about the people they were. Talk about how they made you laugh, about how they made your days bearable, about how they were a rock for you. In doing this, you memorialize them. You allow their memory to live on. You allow those of us who didn’t have the honor of knowing them personally to at least know they existed and that they fought, and sacrificed.












GoldStar Families – Veteran’s Memorial at Soldier Spring Park from Splendor Films on Vimeo.


 This Memorial Day Weekend Black Rain Ordnance will be honoring our nations fallen by contributing 10% of our memorial day weekend sales on to the Parker County Gold Star Families, a registered 501(c)(3) whose sole purpose is to honor the memory of those who have fought and died for our country; paying the ultimate sacrifice. 


Their current project is raising $250,000 ($142,000 has already been raised) to build a memorial park in Weatherford Texas in honor of our countries fallen military, an effort begun to honor the loss of their own sons, SSG Jeffery Hartley, Army, 04/08/08; SGT John Savage, Army, 12/04/08; PFC Austin Staggs, Army, 11/29/10; SSG Curtis Oakes, Army, 11/29/10; PFC Joe Robinson Army, 02/09/12; and HM2 Clayton Beauchamp, Navy, 08/07/12.

You can Contribute to the memorial by clicking on the Parker County Gold Star Families logo above or shopping this memorial day weekend at




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