Shooting a standard AR15 rifle left handed can take away from the experience. Gas blows back in your nose, spent casings fly past your face, and the addition of a silencer’s back pressure can exacerbate those issues. 

Black Rain Ordnance seeks to make the shooting experience better for left handed and left eye dominant customers by introducing products configured for southpaws. 

Black Rain Ordnance’s left ejecting upper is modeled after the Gen II billet upper receiver with a few changes to allow integration with a standard AR lower.  The dust cover is flipped upside down to accommodate the bolt release and laser engraved with Black Rain’s “LET IT RAIN” slogan just like the standard dust covers. 

Black Rain has also released a nickel boron bolt carrier group engineered to work with the left handed upper. 

Left Handed Bolt Carrier

Additional product geared toward lefty shooters include ambidextrous safety selectors and MAGPUL Battery Assist Devices or “B.A.D. Levers” which when added to a standard lower receiver enhances the shooters ability to quickly operate the weapon system. 

Black Rain Ordnance left handed uppers are available as a stripped upper, an upper with the dust cover and forward assist installed and as complete uppers with barrels, muzzle devices, bolt carrier groups, hand guards, and charging handles ready to be matched to your existing rifle lower. 

Customers can shop the options in the left handed section of Black Rain Ordnance’s website or order the items through their local Black Rain authorized dealer. 


  1. Are you guys still making LH products? It doesn’t seem as if there are any available on your site.

    1. We do still make left-handed products. If you’re interested in a specific build, please contact our sales staff and they will be more than happy to help!

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