Late on Wednesday night, September 14th,  the Missouri State Legislature voted to overturn Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of bill SB 656 and allow Missourians to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Known as “Constitutional carry.” Missouri is now the 11th state to have a Constitutional carry law on the books. The state legislature overturned the Governor’s […]

When considering the purchase of a rifle scope it’s important to know what you’re investing in and how it affects your shooting. An often misunderstood concept when choosing a rifle scope is the difference between first focal plane (also called a front focal plane) and second (or rear) focal plane scope. There are pros and […]

Black Rain Ordnance will be attending the 17th annual Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue motorcycle rally in Northwest Arkansas September 21st through 24th. The event bills itself as the largest and fastest growing charity biker rally in the country with nearly 500,000 participants from across the world converging on Fayetteville, Arkansas and the surrounding area. The […]

Recently YouTuber THE DAILY SHOOTER reviewed our BRO-LOCK chamber lock system. Check out the video to see what he had to say!    The BRO-LOCK comes in two sizes for AR15 and AR10 style rifles and is available for purchase by clicking the image below. 

Millions of Americans stood around their televisions or sat glued to their phones while constantly “refreshing” in order to view the most updated breaking news on the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. On July 7th, the Dallas police attacks saw the shooting of 12 officers, with five dying from their injuries. All of […]

Making good on it’s goal to serve the law enforcement community Black Rain Ordnance has once again expanded by creating a division specifically catering to law enforcement departments. Black Rain Law Enforcement’s main offering will be the Spec15 Series AR15 rifles as they are best suited to meet department bid requirements but the higher end Recon […]

Black Rain Ordnance will be attending the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunters Extravaganza August 5th-7th at the Ft. Worth Convention Center in Ft. Worth Texas and August 12th-14th at the NRG Center in Houston Texas. Black Rain Ordnance will be displaying their full line of rifles and accessories but attendees may be particularly interested in […]

At the height of the ignorant war on AR-15’s with their “assault-style” capacities, the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show hosted their 14th Annual event whereby legitimate assault weapons were made available to civilians. Hundreds of people lined up to shoot a variety of fully automatic weapons—an opportunity that, despite what the media might […]

Some Black Rain Ordnance customers may have noticed a change in our most popular rifle part. The Black Rain Ordnance DIT Trigger underwent a cosmetic re-design earlier in the year to update the overall look without sacrificing the quality and feel of the trigger. The 3.5 lb trigger pull, short reset, and quality of the […]

I think it’s fair to assume that most gun owners, if not all of them, care about being safe with their firearms. Aside from what we already practice, we have constant reminders to keep our finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, to keep the barrel pointed downrange, and the obvious one, never point […]

Choosing a muzzle device can can be confusing with so many options. Here’s an overview of the muzzle devices Black Rain Ordnance offers and reasons why you might choose each one.    FLASH SUPPRESSORS: A flash suppressor also known as a flash hider, flash guard, or flash eliminator is a device that reduces the visible signature […]

Memorial day happening this Monday, May 30th, I thought I would take a moment to talk about memories. Specifically how we remember our fallen warriors. As a civilian I have a limited frame of reference, but I want to understand more. Over the course of my employment at Black Rain Ordnance I have been able […]

Once again Black Rain Ordnance is gearing up to attend the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show (OFASTS). The annual 2 day event, organized by Mike Friend of The Firing Line, will take place in Wyandotte Oklahoma on June 25th and 26th.  This is one of the largest machine gun shoots in the country […]

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Columbus Police Officer Steven M. Smith was laid to rest after succumbing to a gunshot wound he sustained riding in the turret of a SWAT armored vehicle while attempting to execute an arrest warrant. Smith was only 54 years old at the time of his passing but accomplished so much […]

Black Rain Ordnance is proud to announce a partnership with 2013 Miss Kansas Theresa Vail. Don’t let the title fool you, this woman is much much more than a beauty queen.     “For my first blog of the year with Black Rain Ordnance, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself for those […]

One of the best things about the AR platform is its versatility. Parts are generally universal and swapping between calibers is as easy as changing your upper receiver.  With this in mind Black Rain Ordnance has introduced a line of 300 Blackout complete upper receivers based on the new Spec15 stripped upper receiver.  These uppers […]

We’ve had a flood of people calling in seeking help with installing their Black Rain Ordnance M-LOK Hybrid Handguards. In this video Black Rain General Manager Jared Moser shows you how it’s done.        Check more products here:   

Gun owners love to debate. Fight even. On internet forums and social media pages you’ll find hundreds of gun owners throwing out their opinions like punches in a heavyweight championship over who makes the best rifles (Black Rain Ordnance OBVIOUSLY), which calibers are best, etc.  All this information and opinions can be useful but a […]

In this video Black Rain Ordnance General Manger Jared Moser shows you how to install your Black Rain Ordnance 3.5lb Drop In Trigger Group.  *Installation is the same for the Gen II Black Rain Trigger   CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PRODUCTS AS WELL