Burris Eliminator lll 4-16×50 Laser Riflescope

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Built-In Laser Rangefinder
Laser range capability out to 1,200-plus yards with reflective target, 750-plus yards with non-reflective target.

Automatic Trajectory Compensation
Push the button and a bright-red, illuminated dot signifies your new aiming point.

Easy Programming
The Eliminator III comes with a programming book, and there is a web site app to help get the precise programming numbers you need based on your elevation, atmospheric condition, and cartridge of choice.

1 review for Burris Eliminator lll 4-16×50 Laser Riflescope

  1. AKHunter

    Odd surprise to see this scope offered here. I happened to have a second one when I got my AR10. I have been using one for bear, moose, caribou, elk and deer for years. This scope clamps on rail to rail, no rings needed. I programmed it for my go to ammo and it is insane fun. Sight, press range button, pull trigger. Target to target to target. It could be a bit more powerful in the ranging but 700yards and in, it makes a fast video game out of target acquisition. Deadly speed. The batteries seem to last forever. The optics are pretty good as well. What a hoot!

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