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Black Rain Ordnance manufacturing standards are prominent throughout our line of Spec weapons, allowing us to produce the highest quality rifle with a cost-effective price tag. The Chromoly barrels and Black Nitride Bolt-Carrier Groups in the Spec Series combine to provide the reliability and dependability you expect from the BRO family of rifles. Whether it’s your first rifle, a patrol weapon, or simply supplementing your collection, the Spec Series is a great addition to your lineup.


 *Also Available: New York Compliant. 


Note: Due to an increase in orders and the current world events, lead times may be extensive. For any questions, contact info@blackrainordnance.com. Payment will be captured at time of purchase.

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Barrel 16” 4150 Chromoly Barrel
BCG Nitride Coated SPEC15 BCG
Calibers 5.56 NATO; 300 AAC Blackout
Colors Black
Furniture Sopmod Buttstock & G.I. Grip
Gas System Direct Impingement; Low Profile Non-Adjustable Gas Block; Carbine Length
Handguard 12" M-LOK Hybrid Handguard
Length 34"
Muzzle Device A2 Flash Hider
Receiver Anodized Forged Aluminum Upper/Lower Receiver Set
Trigger G.I. Trigger
Weight 7lbs 8oz


16 reviews for Spec15 Series Rifles

  1. Phil

    I have done LE sales for some years now and plenty of real world experience at home and abroad. This rifle will do 1 MOA or better all day each day with a half way competent shooter and average consistent ammo. No high priced extras needed.
    Many people build black guns, but they do not build better ones. Customer service is top notch too.

  2. Spencer Bullett

    Bought the spec 15 about a year ago, have ran well over 1000 5.56 rounds through it. This rifle has eaten cheap and expensive ammo without a hiccup. Very well designed and ergonomically sound. Love the gun

  3. JC

    Bought the spec 15 223/5.56 in weathered battled finish this Christmas 2019. I was shocked when I took it to the range on a windy cold day and out of the box had a very nice grouping at about .70 low and to the right. That was an easy fix by just adjusting the Burris scope that came with it after 7 shots I was punching the bulls eye out of the target. The range instructor was watching me shoot the Spec 15 and brought me a new target because he realized the center was gone on the one I had. This is a very well built and accurate AR 15. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality built AR. I have owned other AR’s and none of them compare to this one !

  4. S. Davis

    Bought my wife a Spec15 rifle and finally had a chance to take it to the range recently. First 3 shot group with Hornady Match 75 grain ammo produced a .5 inch group at 100 yards. Very pleased with this rifle!

  5. Matt

    Review for Spec15 Series Rifles
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  6. Zach

    Review for Spec15 Series Rifles
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  7. Edward Quintana

    Review for Spec15 Series Rifles
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  8. Tee Dee

    I bought a BRO spec15 in March of 2020 dressed in the stunning battle worn bazooka green. I followed the recommend break in procedure with BRO’s oils and solvents. It’s now late October and 2800+ rounds later. What a blast to shoot. This unit only gets better with range time. Trigger and BCG got really sweet at 300 rounds to the point I refuse to change any internal components. I love this thing. I sold two more costly AR platforms to purchase my wife a BRO sec 15 and me a BRO 9mm pistol. I’m hooked. Oh and get this, we all know most companies customer service sucks. I’ve spoke to a BRO rep twice. Once before my first purchase and once recently. The customer service is second to none. Sincerely guys and gals at BRO thank you.

  9. Mike Sapp

    Bought the SPEC15 in .450 BM. Outfitted with a Vortex scope out of the box shot a sub 1” group at 100 yards, no scope correction needed. Using it as my deer rifle. Impressed with the quality of this build and accuracy with such a heavy (250gr) bullet.

  10. Jon z

    Looked at this rifle 3 times at an open house didn’t buy it was unsure about buying it . Entered for the dealers door prizes and won this rifle . It is amazing I would not have regretted buying it it is well balanced and smooth shooting gun. I have put probably 150 rounds through it so far no issues

  11. sorcererdave

    I purchased the Black Rain SPEC15 5.56 model Grey. I did research on Black Rain, since i never heard of this manufacturer. Most of the reviewers were very good. I also purchased Iron sight and a A3 Tactical Leos Red Dot with Green Laser scope. I was not able to test fire the rifle, until 2 weeks after my purchase. Since I never owned an AR15 before. I followed the barrel seasoning procedure, that was recommended by Black Rain. While zeroing in the iron sights. My grouping was about 4″ at 50 yards. Once I got the sights dialed in, my grouping was 3″. I was definitely impressed with that. I let my friends I was shooting with, test the AR15. They had the same result. Then I mounted the A# Tactical Red Dot scope. It took 4 slight adjustments to zero in the Red Dot at 50 yards. My grouping was an 1.5″ at 50 yards. I was thoroughly impressed. I fired 3 shot each time and checked grouping. Still the same result, WOW. I am no expert shot just to add. So I let me friends test the SPEC15, to see if the results were the same. They were getting the same result, 1.5″ groupings. My friends were so impressed all three of them offered to purchase the SPEC15. My reply was hell NO, but Thanks. We fired 200 rounds through the rifle. I want to Thank BRO for a well designed Rifle. Thanks Again.

  12. Mike

    Bought the Spec 15 Iron worn look and I’m in love with this gun. Told myself when I bought my first AR I was gonna buy the best and that’s what I did. I saw the worn silver color and slept on it and when I came back to buy it it was gone! Oh well I love this color scheme just as much and the gun is very easy to shoot and hold. My son is very excited about me letting him learn to shoot on this gun! Thanks BRO for making such a wonderful rifle!

  13. Brian

    I am very impressed with my spec15 rifle. I own other more expensive ar’s, and have built many . This one is very well built and shoots outstanding. Thank you for a fantastic product. Oh! Thank you for the MADE IN USA ON IT TOO! I plan on shooting this rifle for a very long time to come. Putting the others away. Outstanding rifle. Brian

  14. Brian Hill

    Wow, BRO spec 15 rifle is outstanding! I am very impressed with the rifle. I own other AR’s , two very expensive big name rifles. BRO spec 15 out shoots them hands down. Made in America is the ultimate plus for me. Thank you for an outstanding firearm. The rifle convinced my brothers to go get one also! Thank you for a fantastic product. I plan on more purchases from BRO. SEMPER FIDELIS!

  15. Brian Hill

    Fantastic product. Convinced my brother to go get his own. I appreciate the Made in America also. We need BRO to continue building outstanding rifles. Thank you again for your quality products. I plan on additional purchases from BRO. SEMPER FIDELIS!

  16. Mason G

    Gun is wonderful love everything about it except the trigger. The day I bought it I brought it out and went through 300 rounds just playing and getting a feel for the gun. I can’t keep a good group at 100 yards but has to do with me and the 2.5x I’m using. Others around me shot it and had a sub 2” group. Greatly crafted and made perfect just really wish the trigger had less free play and more snappy. I would definitely recommend this piece of craftsmanship to anyone in the market for a great AR.

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