Practical AR Operations Class

Course Description:

This course is for individuals who are interested in learning more about shooting techniques and principles. The classroom portion will cover weapon and caliber selection to proven
range firing techniques. This includes learning how to utilize the entire system with optics/ sights, reinforcing the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, how to shoot from cover and various positional stances. Movement while shooting will also be introduced as well as how to clear malfunctions with the rifle system.


  • For classes that are 8+ hours, there will be a lunch break. Attendees will be expected to bring their lunch, or purchase their own at a close-by restaurant.
  • Hearing and Eye protection are expected to be provided by the attendee. Should you forget yours, they are available for purchase in the store.
  • If bringing your own rifle and/or ammo, the only accepted calibers are 5.56 NATO and 300 AAC Blackout, and all ammo must be factory new, US-Manufactured ammunition. No re-manufactured ammunition will be accepted as test fire ammo for our classes.
  • Ammunition Requirement: 300 rounds
  • Class Duration: 8 hours

Operator’s Required Supplies for Practical Carbine Operations Course:


Equipment and Supplies:

  • M4/ AR-15 rifle (or AR pistol) 5.56/.223 or 300 blackout (optional// BRO has rifles available for rent)
  • Minimum of 3 magazines.
  • Sling system for the rifle
  • Minimum 300 rounds of FMJ ammunition for their caliber (US manufactured only// no reloads)
  • 6 “Dummy” rounds for their caliber (optional)
  • Cleaning kit for your caliber of rifle (optional// BRO has kit for sale)
  • Note taking materials (PEN/PENCIL and NOTE PAD)
  • Lunch and snacks

Dress Code:

  • Plenty of hydration supplies (WATER) bottled or hydration packs
  • Proper Dress for range- DRESS FOR THE WEATHER (hot, cold rain or shine)
  • Long pants- blue jeans or BDU style
  • Shirt- (NO TANK TOPS) preferred collared and no low cuts in the front of the shirt
  • Shoes- preferred boots with mid ride ankle support. (NO OPEN SHOES aka sandals flip flops)
  • Ball Cap
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Belt that is capable of holding a single rifle magazine holder
  • Hearing and eye protection

Other supplies you may want to have:

  • Single rifle magazine holder (optional)
  • Dump pouch (optional)
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  1. Need scope for AR 10 fallout 10 model do you make one for the AR 10 fallout model

    1. We have several that would work great! Please give our storefront a call to discuss your desired use for the rifle and they can make a recommendation.

  2. I’m very interested in a course like this. Do you have any classes coming up spring of 2023?

  3. Please contact me with more information

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