Black Rain Shooter Development Institute

The Shooter Development Institute at Black Rain Ordnance Inc. is the Official training division of Black Rain, and SDI offers classes for all skill levels from total beginners to seasoned professionals. Our instructors are P.O.S.T. certified and will ensure that you know how to operate your weapon system safely and effectively.


To establish the premier rifle institute in the United States to train and develop personnel in a safe and fun environment while also advancing the ideals and principles that these companies hold in the highest of regards… duty, honor, personal courage and integrity.


The intent of this training institute is to work to establish the premier rifle institute in the United States where civilians, law enforcement officers and military members can participate in a fun and safe environment while attaining new skill sets or developing established skill sets. It is also intended that individuals can effectively demonstrate safe and responsible firearms use and ownership.


These are the 4 courses are currently offered by SDI:

Rifle Basics (RB): 

The beginner’s course designed to teach the basics of the AR15 platform. Topics covered include parts the rifle, basics of inner weapon operation, take down, cleaning, re-assembly, troubleshooting, and an introduction to basic marksmanship and the fundamentals of firearms safety. 4 hours.  

Practical Carbine Operation (PCO): 

The basics of practical carbine operation. Owning a rifle doesn’t make you a gunfighter any more than owning a piano makes you a musician. Learn the basics of weapon and caliber selection, proven range techniques, accessories operation including sights and optics, how to shoot from cover and on the move, clear malfunctions, and re-enforce safety fundamentals.   8 hours.

Counter Terror Carbine (CTC):

Learn advanced carbine techniques that build on the foundations set in PCO. Skill sets highlighted include effective communication, cover and concealment, psychological stressors that force immediate command decisions, threat/no threat situation discernment, hostage situations and reactive shooting. Students will be placed in high stress environments and situations. Physical/mental fitness is a must. Students will be evaluated on go/no go requirements. PCO is a required prerequisite (an equivalent credential or class may be substituted at the discretion of the instructors or Black Rain Ordnance Inc.)  8-10 Hours.

Conceal and Carry Weapons Training and Certification (CCW): 

Concealed Weapon Course is designed to meet the training requirements to carry a concealed firearm. Personnel will learn how to keep a firearm in the home, firearm safety, cleaning, methods of carry, dressing around the gun, mental conditioning, and Missouri use of force laws, duty to retreat, judgmental shooting, and principles of marksmanship, tactical guidelines, stoppage clearing, reloading, and other skills identified by instructors.  8 hours.

Future Courses will be offered periodically throughout the year, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with us!

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