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The Shooter Development Institute is the official training division of Black Rain Ordnance, offering classes for all skill levels from total beginners to elite military and law enforcement operators. Our instructors are MO P.O.S.T. certified to teach civilian and Law Enforcement classes, and we will ensure that you know how to operate your weapon system safely and effectively. 

We have worked to establish SDI as the premier training institute in the Mid-West where civilians, law enforcement officers, and military members can train and develop new skills while in a fun and safe environment. We firmly believe that all firearms owners should know how to operate their firearms effectively, safely, and responsibly.

General Courses

Rifle Basics

Learn the basics of the AR15 platform, from the parts of the rifle to the operation, take down, cleaning, troubleshooting and re-assembly.

Practical Carbine

Positional shooting, movement drills, barricade drills, hostage target drills, emergency reloads, tactical reloads, and communication while moving.

Missouri CCW (Conceal Carry weapon)

Designed to meet the training requirements to carry a concealed firearm for the state of Missouri.

EDC (Every day Carry)

Designed to meet the training requirements to the standard of the Shooter Development Institute. Includes stoppage clearing, reloading, drawing from a concealed position, movement drills, hostage drills, and more.


In this day-long course, you will work alongside Black Rain Ordnance instructors to build your very own Black Rain Ordnance rile, choosing from a variety of options to make yours a one-of-a-kind rifle.


Offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Use-of-Force and Crisis Management Training on the market today. In addition to hundreds of high-impact contemporary training scenarios, an extensive library of interactive graphics-based firearm drills and exercises is included, featuring MILO’s simple Course of Fire creator and Marksmanship drills.


is a data-driven approach to mastering your firearm.  While attached to ANY firearm platform (pistol, rifle, or shotgun), it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve. Become part of the BRO Nation and receive individual instruction from the comfort of your home!

B.R.O. Events (fun for all skill levels)

Couples Night at the Range

Spend a romantic night at SDI learning the basics and fundamentals of a rifle and progress to firing “live” rounds on our range as a couple. Couples will be treated to an assortment of food options and an evening filled with music and fun.

Ladies’ Night at the Range

Ditch the man and come join the SDI instructors for a variety of skill sets that are applicable to your everyday life. From practical self-defense and fundamentals of marksmanship to defense in the home.

Poker Night at the Range

Texas Hold ‘Em like you’ve never played it! In this version of the popular poker game, you will have to put together your winning hand by shooting your way to victory from 100 yards out.

Black Rain Ordnance VIP Experience

The VIP Experience at Black Rain Ordnance is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive event, tailored specifically for your group. Enjoy a trip to the Black Rain facilities, stay at the Black Rain house, and enjoy a customized training curriculum! 

Nightly accommodations at the Black Rain house

Classic Black Rain ambiance throughout the home, along with shuffleboard and billiards, a full kitchen, a firepit, and plenty of room for you and your friends to relax.

Walk-through tour of the Black Rain Manufacturing facilities

See where the Black Rain Ordnance rifles are made, from raw material to the finished firearm.

Custom-built training curriculum

Our team of instructors will put together a custom curriculum specifically tailored to the skill level of your group, whether it be beginner, or highly advanced.

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