Ashley J. Az.

“I am new to the world of AR’s and was in my local Bass Pro Shops when I noticed a Tiffany Blue Black Rain Ordnance with an optic.  I thought this would be a good starter AR and it’s my favorite color, so I bought it.  I read the owner’s manual, but I still had some questions about taking the bolt carrier group apart.  I contacted Black Rain Ordnance via the website expecting it was taken several days to weeks to get a response, but within an hour of me sending the email I received a call from the Customer Service Department.  They were very patient with me and my question.  They were able to explain how to take the bolt carrier group apart and clean it.  At no point did they make me feel as if it was a bother to them to take so much time with me.  This was the most enjoyable interaction with a company’s Customer Service Department I have ever had.  Thank you to the Customer Service Department of Black Rain Ordnance.”