DJ – Kansas

“I was traveling through Missouri on I-49 as I had many times before. I always wanted to stop at Black Rain Ordnance and see where my BRO was made.  On this day I had some time to kill so I stopped to check out their storefront.  The storefront was amazing with all the different colors, builds and one-off AR’s.  I told them about my BRO pistol and how I loved shooting it.  They had an American Flag painted rifle in 5.56 NATO.  I was telling them I loved to have one of those rifles in 300 Blackout, they told me it could be changed if I wanted.  I told them I would love that, but I knew it would take weeks to get the rifle. They say it could be changed while we were doing the paperwork.  I was very doubtful, but they carried the rifle to the back, and we started the paperwork. Before my ATF paperwork was able to be approved, the rifle had the caliber changed and test fired.  I would have never believed you could have gone to Black Rain, found an AR you wanted and had stuff changed while you wait.  What an amazing company.”